Add class of user role to page?

Have you ever wanted to add a specific css class to a Drupal user role, but don’t know how? Let me show you. It’s pretty easy and could offer some unique opportunities to tailor the UX. Steps: Create custom module Create custom css class Install module Enable module Create custom module Creating a custom module sounds […]

WordPress 4.7.2 Security Release

Is your WordPress site secure? Recently, WordPress announced a critical, security release (version 4.7.2). WordPress is encouraging all sites to update all sites immediately. If you’re unsure if you’re site is secure, please reach out. We can help. This update helps prevent hacking attempts and ensures your site runs without issues. According to WordPress, it […]

A Critical Need: Updating Plugins

The hard work is over — your new site is designed, developed and live. But don’t get complacent. Site maintenance and diligent monitoring of required updates to your content management system and plugins is critical to ensure a protected and healthy site. The failure to update and install new versions of content management systems like WordPress […]

Drupal Caching?

Is your website running really slow or slower than you expect? Don’t fret. With Drupal, there is an easy solution you can apply that ships with Drupal core — there’s no need for another module. In Configuration > Development > Performance (, you will find some settings that should be turned on. I am not […]


They’re those seemingly random letters before the all-too familiar www. And sometimes, you don’t even need to type them to get your favorite site. Or your company’s site. But what does “HTTP” or “HTTPS” mean? And is there a difference? HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol and HTTPS adds Secure as a kicker. And, yes, […]

Page Speed

No, it’s not always the wifi. Or the sluggish Internet connection in that one conference room. It’s the website itself. Page speed is a crucial factor for a good user experience and for search ranking. Designers and copywriters can make beautiful and thought-provoking sites but it’s the developer’s job to ensure the site performs well. […]

Accessibility in Web Development

Is your site accessible? Sure, it’s working and users can find and access it. But in web development, accessibility means more than that. It means ensuring all users — even users with visual impairment — can visit and access all the information on your site. Ensuring your site is accessible can be a challenging and […]